Dear patients and friends,Eves Herbs Eve & Peonies

The white peonies are going all out in their full glory this year after all that lovely rain.  I couldn’t resist sharing this picture with you.

White peony root is very often part of Chinese formulas, of which we carry the Enhance and Calm Spirit that have been a favorite in our practice for a long time now.  We are about to put it into a new formula in the small therapeutic amount only. It will be a calming, anti-inflammatory and de-stressing adrenal supporting formula combined with herbs from our Blend S and Blend F Formulas which we are now combining.

The root of this real show-off plant has some similar benefits to Cramp Bark, but is part of many anti-inflammatory and calming formulas, anti-aging treatments, polycystic ovary syndrome treatments, and to begin menstruation as well.  In excessive amounts, it may cause abortion it is said by some – In my 40+ years of practice, I have never come across this myself, and that is where its similarity to Cramp Bark ends.  Cramp Bark, in fact, has the opposite effect in that it stayed a number of miscarriages – which was a great joy during my practice.

Look for our new formula, Blend F:S with White Peony Root, coming in July/August.

And… Here are the last of the list of veggie fat-scrubbers:

Fresh raw Celery  has a high concentration of ready-to-use calcium which energizes the endocrine system, speeding up hormone production and breaking down fatty deposits in the cells.  Perhaps that is why some people find that 3 sticks a day is sufficient to lower their high blood pressure.  It is high in magnesium and iron which both nourish the blood cells and help in the elimination of waste.

Cucumbers can help cool inflammation in adipose cells and restore a balance between acid and alkalines.  This loosens body waste for removal.  Cucumbers are also high in sulphur and silicon, two minerals that help kidneys wash waste from the system. And high potassium levels help to break down fat.

Garlic, my favorite, is a most powerful natural diuretic. Its oils cause waves of muscular action in the gut, loosening and washing away fat.  A clove of garlic a day is also touted to break down stubborn clumps of fat.

Now if we could all just eat these wonderful veggies without smothering them in all those lovely dressings and other naughty accoutrements, all the above would actually work. Ho hum!

If travel is on your agenda soon, especially flying, do remember our Travel Pack – I know I’ve said this before, but for us to ship an emergency BWC to Cancun, for instance, is tricky.

Since I’m not going anywhere this year, I comfort myself with Thomas Campbell’s “‘Tis distance lends enchantment to the view.” May your travels be as enchanting on arrival as they were while still dreaming.

The very best of  summer coming up,

Doc Eve

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