Dear friends,

My next L.A. visit is from March 20th through the 26th. I look forward to seeing all of you.

My last planned visit to Southern California will be May 14th-21st .  Our Los Angeles office will be shut down at the end of May.  But this is not good-bye as everything else, including the phone consultations and the shipment of herbs, will continue as normal.

Right now, the plan is for me to still find a way to come to L.A. every 3-4 months.  I will be looking for a part-time office rental for those times.  If you have any suggestions, they are welcome.

The herbs will be shipped to you from Oregon to L.A. in 2 days (shipments are still free with orders over $100) and the e-news will still come to you as usual.

I will be maintaining my small practice in Ashland and would love to see you there – perhaps if you are feeling in the mood for Shakespeare?

I do appreciate your continued enthusiasm and support for our herbs and our work together. The phone consultations are working well (see below). I suppose part of the reason is that one does become more intuitive after 35 years in this practice, and many people prefer to avoid driving.

A Case In Point for the Phone Consultations

On her 4 week follow-up phone consultation, a 65 year old woman said, “I’m only up once a night now to urinate, after years of being up 3-4 times, since my bladder was accidentally sliced into during my hysterectomy some years ago.  I have lots of energy now, and I can actually walk up the stairs again with just minor discomfort from the fall I had on my arthritic right knee. I imagine it will get even better when I’m up to the full recommended doses of my herbs, as I’ve only taken half so far.  The Comfrey Ointment is amazingly soothing to my knee – it’s a huge difference.  I’ve no sign of the diverticulitis any more either.”

She is taking the MNF, Blend F, for her totally exhausted adrenal glands (due to past medications), the Gymnema, AR+, Devil’s Claw and the Comfrey Ointment.

Our Important “Feel Good” Glands – The Adrenals

I’m often asked to explain the need to support these small, yet powerful glands. When we are nice to them with the herbs and nutrients, they play a huge part in stabilizing our hormones, so  our spouses and kids will appreciate our better moods.  They supply the cortisol, which is needed to heal pretty much everything.  They provide good strong energy without being hyper, and we find that we just seem to have a calmer stress response.  They are the “backbone” of the body’s healing process, aid the other herbs in their work, and basically hold us together.  They also help the immune system stand up to the brawling micrococci which often seem to think of our bodies as their playground – totally necessary for our poor teachers.

Here are some other quotes of what patients have said this month:

“Doctor Eve, I wanted to let you know that the herbs for my dog are working, so thank you very much.  He is walking much better, although still a little stiff. No limping which was prevalent before the herbs.  Also, I was so happy yesterday to see him running down the hall and jumping around.   He always jumps for his food in the morning! He had not been so gleeful when we get up in the morning and is clearly “happy” now, for the ease of his mobility.  I’m impressed! I am not doing anything else differently, just one of each of the two herbs, your arthritis mix and the bilica) in his food twice a day.”

“My follow-up appointment with my doctor regarding my hernia surgery was a happy one.  In fact, he doesn’t feel he will need to see me again unless I have an issue materialize. He said the swelling was much less than most patients experience at the 2 1/2 week mark. It has gone down GREATLY since I saw you last week. This is due in large part, I’m sure, to your wonderful herbs. Thank you Solomon Seal and Male Daily.”

“I wanted to let you know that things seem to be going great so far. In fact, my asthma seems to be very much better already, it’s kind of miraculous! I think the herbs in combination with the food guidelines are really helping!!”

“You know I teach kids and I’ve not been sick this year, the first in many.”

“Thank you for always being there…Oh, by the way, when the doctor took my blood pressure, I was a little nervous.. but low and behold!!  NORMAL.. The HBP and Joy and MNF take the world by storm!!!”

Lastly, a 40-year-old man told me during our phone consult 3 weeks after receiving hisherbs,  “I feel really good. I now have lots of energy and the way my digestion works now, is not something I imagined possible.”

Doc Eve

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