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We’ll be taking some time off November 1-8, so be sure to plan your supplement orders accordingly.

  • Orders will be taken and shipped through 2 PM-ish Tues., Oct. 31st.
  • Phone, email or web store orders place Nov. 1-8 will be processed on Nov. 9th or 10th.

BURNOUT – Adaptogens Really Help

Herbs called adaptogens basically help our bodies to adapt to new circumstances – trying or joyful. Change of any kind will have its way with us by straining the adrenals and immune system, hence the illness that can occur after finishing a major project/trip or receiving shocking news – and we’ve all had plenty of that.

The herbs contained in our adrenal support formulas are all adaptogens, as the nutrients they carry nourish and soothe both the hormonal and immune systems. If the immune system has been neglected for too long and has been showing its displeasure by always “coming down with everything going around,” then specific immune system formulas should be added to the adrenal formula for a year or so.

Of course, the other therapy for burnout is to take some time in nature, hence our little vacation above to the wilds of the Oregon coast.

We look forward to your orders and questions before and after that time, so you’ll be all set.

A lovely and healthy autumn to you,

Doc Eve

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