Olive Tapenade is the simplest recipe of the lot – just 3 ingredients.

Eve's Olive Tapenade

Eve’s Olive Tapenade

2 cans (12-16 oz.) of pitted black olives
3-6 peeled lg. cloves of garlic, depending on size
¼ to ½ cup (4-8 Tbsp.) of olive oil

With a colander, shake and drain the olives a couple times and set aside while peeling the garlic.

Using a Cuisinart, or similar food processor, with the chopping blade, toss in the olives and garlic cloves, then drizzle the olive oil on top.

Blend using the pulse button 1-3 times, check for desired consistency with a rubber spatula, and voilà.

Olive tapenade is a most toothsome hors d’œuvre on fresh rosemary/olive bread, thin rice crackers, celery, sliced carrot or most any other favorite veggie.  We also like to use it as “butter” in a sandwich or wrap.


A patient recently emailed us with feedback on pain relief for her dog and an elderly family member:

“…with the BILICA, however, I would like 4 bottles.  My dog is loving it and has had a MIRACULOUS recovery from a bum knee!  He needed surgery several months back and now he is walking, jumping and running again!  Amazing.”  I later found out that she offered the BILICA to her 92-year-old father-in-law whose knee it also helped.

And just in the last couple weeks, my mother-in-law, who is 88 and now living with us in Oregon, is enjoying much relief from arthritic pain in her hands and hips using the BILICA in conjunction with the AR+ formula.

This combination of BILICA and AR+, by the way, is what you’ll find in the Dog Joint Pain Therapy Pack.


“We could begin to contemplate the fact that nothing is as solid as it seems.”  Pema Chödrön, from Start Where You Are


For referring others, thank you to:  Barbara and Dan Anderson, Steve Butler, Sharon Gilchrist-Garrett, Melissa Hyland, Gabriela McCallister and Kelli Stewart.

Best of health to you always, and to keep the vampires away, and the odor at bay, may your friends share in your tapenade,

Doc Eve

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