Dear Patients and Friends,

An excellent watermelon season is upon us, thank goodness, as our triple-digit temperatures certainly require lots of hydration. I remember I had eaten nothing but watermelon when I went into an August 20-hour labor with our son, Joey, and by golly, made it through just on that. It will work to hydrate us better than plain water. It’s good to replace a meal, too, and drop some extra pounds.Our Newest Formula - Eve's Herbs HerbAdrenal F:S


Our new HerbAdrenal F:S formula with white peony root is finally here.  It is a quiet energy support for the adrenals, thyroid and overall metabolism. With a combination of herbs from our Blend F and Blend S formulas, it has calming, anti-inflammatory and stress-easing properties. The stress and depression so many of us are feeling at the moment makes this a timely formula.

High in naturally occurring plant nutrients, including vitamins B and C, calcium and magnesium, HerbAdrenal F:S is a tonic, soothing and restoring when stress levels are high or when recovering from illness. It supports hormonal balance in the male and female reproductive organs and the stress-coping mechanisms.


We want to feel better and know that the capsules or tablets work, but just can’t “get them down”.  Give this a try:

With capsules – if thick or pulpy juices don’t help, or even filtered juices with the Detox formula mixed in, then just slide the capsules open and put the contents into a glass of juice or smoothie.

Tablets want to be pulverized by putting them in a cloth or 2 sheets of Saran Wrap. Gently, set to them with your hammer, rubber mallet or some such significant tool (like a mortar and pestle, if you have them). Add to the glass, then stir in some black cherry juice, rice milk or yogurt and drink the mix through one of those fat straws – apparently, you can’t even taste them with this method. A patient turned me on to this and I pass it on to you. Let me know how this goes for you.

Stay as cool and hydrated as these crazy temperatures permit.

’Til soon,

Doc Eve

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