We might wake up in the night, and it hits us that something is “wrong and frightening”, and immediately our heart has extremely progressive ideas on accelerating.  Possible sweating and shakiness can come with it and we panic.

Ideally, of course, the source has to be dealt with, but in the meantime logical thought is denied access and we need something to do about it right now.

When you feel a PANIC ATTACK starting, give this a try:

  1. Take the calming herbs and/or meds you may already be on for it.  But they need time to work, so in the meantime…
  2. Sit or lie down as comfortably as possible and place the finger pads of one hand (index through pinky) vertically on the sternum.  I find myself taking a deeper breath immediately.  Not hard pressure, just a gentle tugging of the skin as the fingers rest.
  3. Gently rest the other hand on the forehead, just the weight of the hand is fine as it will use enough pressure on the “emotional holding points” to tell the nervous system to calm.
  4. Once that has begun and we can at least think again, breathe in the “dark and heavy solidity” of the panic, recognizing that is what it happens to be for now.  Then exhale it into vast space, light and airy.  Repeat this several times.  By then, the physical support of the calming herbs below should be kicking in.

Herbal formula recommendations:  I have found the Calm Spirit, Vervain, HBP and MNF formulas very effective while learning to cope.

Try it out and let me know how you do – at my email below, or by phone.

Best of Health to you as always,

Doc Eve

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