Parasites and Worms

Parasites and Worms

Parasites will make themselves totally at home in our gut, happily reproducing and building add-ons to their little pagodas.  Whether acquired on foreign soil or right here at home, they can be nasty and troublesome creatures.

Symptoms and Causes of Parasites

Oddly enough, one of the symptoms of their living inside us and eating our food is chronic sinus infection.  If you tried the remedies from our last article on Chronic Sinusitis and didn’t get any results, you may need to evict some parasites that have made themselves at home in your gut (see below).  The more expected symptoms (not the same with everyone), are bloating, excessive gas, buckling or ridging of the nails, nausea, alternating constipation and diarrhea, a general malaise which often comes and goes and unwanted weight loss.

Causes can be numerous, and while Mexico and third world countries are often blamed, I’ve heard of them being contracted anywhere from Italy to local restaurants, primarily blaming sushi.  Though one popular answer is overcooking foods into jerky, which is not very appetizing unless you like jerky, raw foods are not necessarily to blame.  Ideally the more raw the food, the higher its nutritional content.  I have seen meat being served so rare, it looked like the poor cow had just leaned against the radiator.  If you prefer your meat rare, organically raised, grass fed animals are likely to be “cleaner.”

Herbal Remedies for Parasites

Preventively, when I go out to eat I always fortify myself with one of the Eve’s Herbs anti-parasitcs like BWC Tincture, Gentian Root, Anti Geotrichum, PS:SS or PS:HW formulas  They make for an extremely bitter and inhospitable environment in the stomach where parasites cannot thrive.  They then die off and are eliminated in the usual manner.  For more long-term travel, in vulnerable parts of the planet, I would also take the Bactotox – our good old anti-bacterial/anti-viral stand-by.  Your trip is more likely to be enjoyable, without the downtime of intimately getting to know the local sanitation systems.  Also, Cramp Bark may be used for abdominal cramping.

The above herbal formulas can be found and ordered at or by clicking below:

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Parasites and Worms Therapy Pack

Parasites and Worms Therapy Pack








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