“I am writing to let you know what an impact you’ve made on my life.

“My name is Meagan and I just wanted to reach out to you.  8 years ago, I stumbled upon your website as you were my last hope to my painful pilonidal cyst on my tailbone.  I had been told by my dermatologist that the ONLY thing I could do was surgery, and that there was a 50/50 chance of it coming back afterwards.  I recall you had called me personally to consult over the phone, and shortly after, I ordered the herbal pack you suggested.

Pilonidal Cyst Therapy Pack

Pilonidal Cyst Therapy Pack

“I remember 2 days into following the nutritional guide, taking the herbs, and making the flaxseed compress [recipe] you provided.  Well, on the morning of day 3, my cyst opened and expelled the infection. I know that it was your remedy pack that fixed it.  I had gone two weeks with this hard (half of a golf-ball-sized) ball sitting painfully on my tail bone and believe me, this thing wasn’t going anywhere.

“To this day I still refer people, with desperation for a remedy that works, to you.”

NOTE:  While the Pilonidal Cyst Therapy Pack was designed with the pilonidal cyst in mind, it will also support the body in ridding itself of other types of purulent skin cysts.



Greek Feta (sheep or goat):  5 oz.
Jalapeño Pepper:  1 medium
Cilantro:  ½ cup
Garlic:  3-4 cloves

Blend the lot in your Cuisinart using the steel double chopper blade along with a little olive oil and enthusiasm all around.  Fabulous for parties too, it keeps refrigerated for several days, though it’s best served at room temperature.

This makes about 8 ozs. total spread.  I first tried it in this Italian restaurant in Ashland and loved it.  Of course, it’s too good on some thin toast, but it’s also good scooped with fresh celery sticks, pumpernickel bread or rice thins.  Have it around too when folks are sick in the house, it helps fight the cold and keep the vampires away.


I thank the following people for referring loved ones or friends to us for our herbs:  Lisa Baker, Edna Blair, Robert Fieldsteel, Carmen Lopez, Teri Mayer, Liz Sarnoff and Kate Stewart.

Best of Health to you as always,

Doc Eve

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