Race through autumn allergies, colds and flus and stay strong through the end of the year

Race Thru Autumn Allergies, Colds and FlusHere comes autumn, my favorite season.  But, if I get a cold, it would be about this time of the year.

I’ve discovered that I can often outwit it by doing a little detox of belly, blood and plumbing while upping my immune herbs.  It stands to reason that the immune herbs will be more effective in a receptive and “clean” system than one that’s still trying to clear out the ice cream, mai tais, hot dogs, pizzas and beer.  See it as cleaning and sweeping out a room before refurnishing.

Take a look at the detox diet in my book and just add your favorite “clean and lean” proteins to it, like grilled wild-caught salmon or grass-fed, hormone and antibiotic-free meats.  You may find that 4-6 weeks is enough, or just stay on a maintenance version of that great support for the body over the holidays too.  It can happen more easily than one might think, since it feels so good.

Check your supply of the immune formulas Bactotox, Herba Pneu, A-Defense and/or Enhance or AHCC, along with the Patic Fe (digestive) and an adrenal support like the Blend F or Blend S.  The latter for the guys.

If your colds/flus often start with lots of sneezing, it may be autumn allergies reacting to something floating in the air this time of the year.  If this is you, start with the Aller-Total or AllerDrain – sometimes you can nip it in the bud right there.

Any dairy foods from the cow would be a definite no-no at this time.

LITTLE TIP:  Aller-Total is also great for those who have allergies to cats and dogs.  The following is from a friend, visiting the house of a feline fancier, who took it with her:

“Hi Eve,

“I am at a friend’s house in Santa Fe.  She has a cat and I am doing very well… so thanks!”


Many thanks to all of you who continue to refer others:  Lisa Baker, Jennifer Hill, Harvey Rosenfield and Sabrina Teiger.

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