Protecting the Lungs from Wildfire Smoke and Summer Smog

Los Angeles Area Wildfires

Right now, in the dog days of summer replete with wildfires, smoke and smog, we don’t have to feel like fully paid up paranoids to want to protect our lungs and bronchi.  We already feel that bit of tightness in the chest and throat, coughing discreetly as the lungs try to eliminate any inhaled particles.

Record low rainfall levels in California and Oregon have created a higher than usual risk of wildfires and polluted air.  The American Lung Association’s “State of the Air” report for 2014 has once again put Los Angeles in the top 4 worst air-polluted cities in the country in all three categories.  Six of the top 10 cities are all in California.

Protecting the Lungs in L.A. Smog

L.A. Smog

Protecting the Lungs

If you already have the Herba Pneu formula at home and are currently in the midst of respiratory distress, or are experiencing the aftermath of wildfire smoke, take an extra couple of capsules a day.  Herba Pneu is an expectorant that will clear the sinuses, bronchi and lungs.  In other words, it will make that little cough work for you to eliminate particles or the products of infection.

The initial reaction might be a runny nose for an hour or so, telling you that it’s on the job.  You are now expectorating and clearing out the gunk.

If you don’t have any Herba Pneu, we can send it ASAP.  This formula has a number of supportive herbs in it, but it is primarily the Cubeb Berries and Juniper Berries that do the cleansing work.  The rest are wonderful plant source vitamins and calmatives to the whole respiratory system.

For burning or irritated eyes, you might consider our homeopathic Dry Eye Relief drops and use them frequently to soothe them.

For other respiratory problems these Eve’s Herbs Therapy Packs are available:

Bronchitis Therapy Pack
Asthma Therapy Pack

Next visit to Los Angeles in October 2014

FYI – Eve will be in L.A. Oct 18 – 25, and David Oct. 23 – 25.  Details next week.

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