Relieving and Healing Joint Pain

Relieving and Healing Joint Pain

Yours Truly’s Joint Pain Fiasco

A fine morning 3 months ago, I start up the stairs to the kitchen, still half asleep, when suddenly an all-consuming right knee joint pain woke me right up.  On full alert now, I straightened my leg and it ebbed.  Gently, I tried the step again, but my knee would have none of it.  Of course, my mind immediately went to electric stair lifts, knee braces, crutches, walking sticks and Advil.  Boy, was that messing with my head.  This went on for a month or so, and I just went up the stairs on my butt – great upper body workout.

Then our new batch of original formula BILICA arrived and I took the acute dose for my weight, which is 3 capsules, twice a day.  The next day, I cautiously tried the knee, and maybe it was wishful thinking, but there was improvement.  Each day was a little better and now the joint pain is 95% improved.  Another couple of weeks should do it.  Visions of braces and stair lifts are fading and me thinks, “Oh, ye of little faith.”

A patient in Georgia had a similar situation with her knee and had been taking the AR+ and Devil’s Claw to good effect for her systemic arthritis.  Her knee joint pain, however, was not due to arthritis and had been going on for 6 months.  It was bad enough that surgery had been scheduled.  So I sent her the BILICA formula and a couple of weeks ago she cancelled the surgery and her knee has fully recovered.

BILICA formula for joint pain and healing from

BILICA formula

The Many and Wonderful Side Effects of the BILICA Formula

The herbs in this formula, and they are herbs ONLY, contain a lot of silica and B vitamins with all of their attendant micro-minerals and proteins empowering them to bolster joints and  all of their supporting muscles, ligaments and tendons.  Some nice side effects include stronger and thicker hair, nails and skin.  It also reverses grey hair in some people, as with the patient above.  Our tendons, which attach muscle to bone, and ligaments, which attach bone to bone, are two of the unsung heroes of the human body.  They literally hold us together.  So any injury to them and we’re very clear how vital they are, and how well they respond to the healing components of the BILICA formula.

Another side effect is that silica, in its naturally occurring form, also has an anti-depressant effect and acts as a nerve tonic.  This is nice for our myriad of little daily annoyances and a great complement to the Joy Formula.

Enjoy a happy and hobble-free summer.

BWC - New 8 oz. Size from

BWC – New 8 oz. Size

BWC Formula in NEW Economical Extra Large Size

FYI – For people who like to use our anti-parasitic BWC liquid formula regularly, especially frequent fliers, international travelers and farm visitors, it now comes in an 8 oz. bottle to save you some money.  Currently ON SALE at $48  (the 4 oz. bottle is $34).

Stay cool and hydrated – until October, the very best of joints to you,

Doc Eve

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