Secure or Not Secure? Eve’s Herbs Website

Dear Friends and Patients,Secure or Not Secure Eve's Herbs Web Site?

We’ve had a few people mention that when they go to our website,, it shows up as “Not Secure”. This is not a problem for browsing or ordering, and here’s why:

1.  The “Not Secure” (or “http”) indication only comes up on the website and the store browsing sections, because you are not providing any information in these sections. You are only looking at things, so far.

2. But, in the store, once you click on “Add to Cart” for any product you wish to purchase, the order form that comes up is secure (notice the “https” in the URL) because this is where you will provide address and payment information. Notice that the “Not Secure” notice does not appear on this page.

This being said, however, we are working on changing the website and store browsing sections to a secure status also, even though they don’t need them, just so that everyone can feel more, well… secure.

Bottom line: Your order information is secure. If this is confusing, or you have any questions, please call us at the numbers below.

Here’s to technology,

Docs Eve and David

From So. Calif., call 310-855-1111 / Otherwise, call 541-482-2112


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