Dear patients and friends,

The countryside here in Oregon is rather ahead of itself with its spring chores and I hope you are feeling ready for renewal as well.

SPECIAL for May/June for the HEART to stay strong and the EYES to see clearly

Eve's Cardio on Special |

Eve’s Cardio

Peeper Keeper on Special |

Peeper Keeper

We have the EVE’S CARDIO pulling duty to promote strong muscles of the heart, and the PEEPER KEEPER to support the health of the eyes, especially in the elderly against macular degeneration and cataracts.

THE SPECIAL:  BUY 2, GET 1 FREE.  For each 2 bottles in your order of Eve’s Cardio and/or Peeper Keeper, a third bottle is FREE.  Mix and match these in any quantities you like (e.g. buy 2 Eve’s Cardio, get 1 free Peeper Keeper, or buy 5 Peeper Keeper and 1 Eve’s Cardio, get 3 free Eve’s Cardio, etc.) – limit of 12 total bottles.

The Special on these two formulas will not be reflected on web orders through our website.  You must call us at the numbers below and ask to take advantage of the BUY 2, GET 1 FREE.  This offer will be good through the end of June.


We talked about spring allergies in the April 1st e-news and how the ALLER-TOTAL or ALLERDRAIN can take care of them without side effects.  Still, one sees and hears an extravagance of mucous all over the place.  Just remember that any cow’s milk products will make this even more extravagant.  Try goat, almond or rice milk and goat milk cheeses, yogurts and butters until it passes.


This is one of my favorites for whenever I get my knickers in a twist:  “A joyful mind is very ordinary and relaxed.”
-Pema Chödrön

Best of health to you always,

Doc Eve

From So. Calif., call 310-855-1111 / Otherwise, call 541-482-2112


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