Dear Patients and Friends,Spring Detox / Spring Lilac

Spring is giving way to summer in short order and some of us are looking to get our bodies beach-ready.  Well, more or less.


Detox Powder – This is primarily flax meal, psyllium husks and pectin to adhere to the holiday leftovers in the colon and drag them on out.  To make sure that the removal momentum keeps up, take one to two caps of either the Fiber Regulator (strong) or the Anti-Geotrichum (medium) with the Detox Powder.  The latter is in case you suspect that there are parasites building some little teepees in your colon. If you have BWC, that will also serve toward ridding you of the little pests.

Barley Grass Juice Powder A great chlorophyll, Nature’s deodorizer and power antioxidant, may be mixed in with the Detox powder as a vegetarian protein and a perfect non- constipating iron.

Use your Bactotox at this time also, to strengthen your immune system in removing any remaining viral or bacterial matter from the entire plumbing system which will give extra energy. Enjoy! Guidance and answering of questions re this Detox Package are on me until the end of June.

If you are boating this summer and seasickness plagues you, this little testimonial will cheer you on: “The Ginger caps worked beautifully to keep me from getting truly seasick on our one rough and rolling day at sea.”  I can send you Ginger capsules or you can buy them pretty much anywhere.

We’re taking some time out for ourselves the week of June 17 – 22, so we look forward to hearing from you well before then.

A joyous spring and summer to you with time for contemplating the navel,

Doc Eve

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