Spring Allergies and Gardener's KneesDear patients and friends,

It’s spring and the “It’s all go” time of year again.  The weather is warming, the weeds are growing and the pollen is playing with us.  Renewal is all over the place and we’re, yet again, planning on losing our excess bikini and swim trunks poundage.

Aside from the usual workouts, my favorite exercise is gardening, even if it’s just replanting the fire-engine-red hydrangeas in pots.  For the more serious gardeners, it’s time to strengthen our backs and knees again, and “Aller-Total the allergies.”


I just had a message from one patient, getting ready for gardening, who says she hardly notices her painful knees anymore since she started using the combo of the BILICA and AR+ formulas – which reminds me, it is time to fortify my old knobbly knees with the same as well.  The mad, early growth spurts of weeds are trying to choke my cramp bark, comfrey, lilac and roses in the front yard. I find the pulling of weeds and pruning of trees quite therapeutic, actually – out with the old, in with the new!!

Also, I hear allergies are hitting us earlier this year what with all those lovely blooms.  You probably have your Aller-Total ready, but if not, we have it in stock for noses, eyes, ears and bronchioles.

The respiratory system and the digestive system affect each other, since they are yin and yang partners according to acupuncture principles. Hence the following case history, where improvements in the digestive system automatically seemed to clear congestion which was impeding breathing.

ACUTE  DIARRHEA (and its effects on the sinuses)
A patient, whom I’d not seen in some time, called me after she’d been sent home from a hospital stay with no help for acute diarrhea and dehydration. I gave her the Detox powder to begin absorbing the excess water and the Cramp Bark for the spasms that came with it. She thoughtfully called me to say that she was 90% better within 24 hours of taking the herbs.  And, the yin/yang – digestive/respiratory partners benefit?… the nearly chronic morning sinus congestion “snorting” was gone too.

Thank you so much to the following people for referring our phone consultations and herbs:  Nineth Anton, Lisa Baker, Dean Bannon, Jennifer Hill, Patrick MacManus, Ellen Peterson, Annie Philbin, Martha Rodriguez, Ali Subotnick and Dominique Vavasseur.

Enjoy spring and I hope you will  join me in my rain dances as the lakes and rivers are still looking a bit needy.

Wishing you abundance in health and joy,

Doc Eve

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