Fall Dance with Dr. Eve Campanelli




Dear patients and friends,

Happy autumn, my favorite season – I hope you enjoy your corner of the world turning colors and the weather mellowing out.

87 and Going Strong

Our 87-year-old patient and friend, who is the woman I wrote about in my book, Feeling Very Much Better, about 40 years ago, was a makeup artist. Her arthritis was giving her trouble getting up and down the stairs of her trailer. She has been using the herbs fairly steadily throughout this time, and with her recent re-order she told me that just a while ago she experienced a little vertigo after walking among the sequoias at a relatively high altitude, and not drinking water due the lack of facilities there. She needed to hydrate, of course, and was fine when she did. In checking with her cardiologist, “just in case…”, he said, “Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it, you’re in very good shape!” That’s one of my favorite lines – and we’ve heard it a few times lately, which does my heart good.

Let me Know What You’d Like Me to Write About

Thank you for your comments in these little emails like, “Your timing was good,” or, “I wanted to hear about this…” Do drop me a line if you have something that you’d like me to address. Sometimes I need a little nudge to find the right things.  Phone and email address are below.

Uterine Fibroids and Cysts

Good feedback on uterine fibroids has been welcome too. “I’ve been taking your uterine fibroid protocol for many months – I think I started last year. I’ve had a history of bleeding and a uterine fibroid that is 9 cm large. I was told to have a hysterectomy (no, thank you) or Lupron shot. I tried one Lupron shot and it basically did nothing to shrink the fibroid. It helped a little with the continuous bleeding I had been experiencing, but when I finally read up on the side effects, I again said no, thank you.

“Your protocol completely stopped the bleeding. However, last time I asked you, you said to take the pills for at least a few months after the bleeding stopped. It has been about 5 months with no bleeding, so I went down to 2 E:V a day, with 1 Gentian Root and 1 G.B. for the past 6 weeks, weaning them down to see if there was any difference. I stopped completely on Monday this week. Yesterday, Friday, I began to bleed again! Today I soaked a 10 hr. pad in 3 hrs.! I will, OF COURSE, go back on the [herbs]. I guess it was years in coming, so it will take some more time to go…”

A 50-something-year-old woman wrote, “My cyst is gone and fibroids have stopped growing and maybe becoming smaller.”

Thank you to Cydney Crickard, Liz Heller, Carolyn Huggins, Alda Jance, Patrick MacManus, Kate McGregor Stewart, Natalie Medeiros, Jane Rogers, David-Scott Slonaker and Veronica Valles for referring others to our work and the wonderful herbs.

It’s time to stock up on your favorite immune herbs to prevent colds and flus…

The very best of health to you and yours this autumn,

Doc Eve

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