Sugar Cravings

Sugar Cravings

In Part 1, I cited studies showing that sugar can be an addictive substance.  Now I’d like to look at how to successfully get this monkey under control.

Decrease Sugar Cravings Gradually

Unlike alcohol or drug addictions, we don’t need to go off sugar cold turkey and suffer through horrendous withdrawal symptoms.  In fact, those same studies showed that it is actually better NOT to suddenly stop sugar intake completely.  Instead, make small changes over weeks and months that will gradually lessen your need for sweets and decrease the chance of relapse.  For example, reduce the number of desserts per week over time and in smaller portions.  Find other ways to decrease sugars and processed foods using the following tips:

  • Rather than giving up sweet tasting foods altogether, try fresh, dried or frozen fruits, but avoid canned fruits that are usually loaded with super sugary syrup.
  • When hunger sets in, use protein to curb the sugar cravings.  Protein digests more slowly, increasing time between hunger pangs, and doesn’t make your blood sugar spike.  Plain yogurt, nuts, eggs, beans, wild caught fish or chemical and hormone-free meats are possible choices.
  • Whole grains, as well as fruits and vegetables are high fiber, filling you up without spiking your blood sugar and avoiding a sugar crash later.  Try your favorite nut butter on half an apple for a little protein plus fiber.
  • Stay away from the pink, blue and yellow packet artificial sweeteners.  Besides the chemical reasons, they’ll hinder your progress in breaking the sweet habit, make it harder to control weight, and increase, not decrease sugar cravings.
  • Keep all the other “good” sugars to a minimum also, including honey, brown sugar, agave, evaporated cane juice, brown rice syrup, anything ending in “-ose”, and most especially, high-fructose corn syrup.
  • Starting or increasing your amount of exercise generally leads to feeling better and the desire for healthier foods.  Be sure it’s something you enjoy doing and shoot for half an hour several times a week.

Herbal Support for Sugar Cravings

To make this process much easier, herbal formulas can put a major dent in sugar cravings.  Our SUGAR FREE formula works well for this and has helped many of our patients overcome the “sugar monkey”.

Supporting the pancreas, liver and adrenal glands makes it even easier and healthier during these changes.  We include herbal formulas for these in our SUGAR CRAVINGS, HYPOGLYCEMIA Therapy Pack, along with an instruction sheet and my book for more suggestions and support.

Here are the links:

Sugar Cravings, Hypoglycemia Therapy Pack - Female

Sugar Cravings, Hypoglycemia Therapy Pack – Female

Sugar Cravings, Hypoglycemia Therapy Pack - Male

Sugar Cravings, Hypoglycemia Therapy Pack – Male

Sugar Free - herbal formula

Sugar Free – herbal formula







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