The “Blue Period” is Coming Right Up

Dear Patients and Friends,Coming Out of the Blue

If you’re anything like yours truly, this is often a rather blue time of the year. In my case, a birthday (75th) and, of course, Thanksgiving and Christmas right on top of each other with friends and family not immediately around.

I had a fortunate gift from my guardian angel who reminded me to take more walks out with Mom Nature, and dropping the Patic Fe into my hand by accident. After taking a dose, the melancholy lifted, and I felt a lot better right away and wanted to share that with you. Perhaps the old liver and pancreas needed some help too – Halloween candy, etc.

These herbs gently clear and support these organs and give digestive support for that Thanksgiving dinner coming up as well. Also, to help with that blue feeling, I do take one of the Joy Formula with the Patic Fe, and that’s just being kind to ourselves this time of the year.

We wish you succor from the holiday nuttiness, and gratitude for those gifts that we already have in our lives and may have forgotten about or taken for granted.

Wishing you a fine holiday time and thanking you for still being part of our lives,

Docs Eve and David

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