Dear patients and friends,The Flu 2017-18

That’s it, we’ve got it. It likes its new premises – us – and has moved in. Once it’s settled, just rest and go with the flow. Take enough of your Herba Pneu, Bactotox and Enhance to keep you more comfortable, but otherwise, don’t bother to “fight it”. Let it run its course, albeit a shorter one, because it will have its way. The time for acute doses has passed, they work best before we’re exposed, say at the gym, school, in a plane, restaurants, etc. – places with lots of people are hot beds for these mean viruses.

Usually, we’re miserably achy and some of us have the queasy stomach that goes with it – you know the one that prompts us to bemoan, “Just let me die! Just let me die!” while clinging to the porcelain in the bathroom. But all of us are so weak and tired, our bed calls and nothing much else will do.

If we’re lucky to have a member of the household not affected, these are some things they can do to help:

For the pain: For a throat on fire, gargle with warm salt water or warm water and apple cider vinegar 3-4 times a day. Your pain med of choice will probably need to be pulled out and put into service as needed for the body aches. Hot water bottles, heating pads and chamomile tea with honey and lemon are comforting. As much as possible, keep the hot water bottle on your chest, as it also helps calm the cough.

For the cough: Sometimes the meds are enough, but usually not, so the Enhance formula should be employed along with the Bactotox and Herba Pneu formulas. They will usually work in about 2-3 days. If it’s chest-ripping and rib-hurtingly severe, your MD may be kind enough to prescribe some codeine which sometimes works in a few hours.

For the malaise: Rest, of course, is ideal. In fact, if you’re lucky enough to be able to do so, sleep and sleep as much as possible. Sweating is great to clean the lymph glands. If that’s not easy for you, our homeopathic LMPH-DRN (Lymph-Drain) will help.

For the bronchi: Get tough and chew some raw garlic while inhaling the fumes. Eat pico de gallo with baked corn chips or celery, as much as is comfortable. Anyone who complains about the odiferousness surrounding us at that time, should eat the same things and no one will notice.

Hot soups including lots of veggies, garlic and onions will help. Miso is the simplest, my favorite being the white paste. Of course, if you’re lucky enough to have friends who’ll prepare some soup for you, drop it on your front porch and run, all the better. Also, pineapple in any form is great for colds and flus and, of course, ’tis the season for citrus and its whole, natural vitamin C. Coincidence? Go for at least 2 pieces a day.

Make sure the bowels clear each day, otherwise your tenants will hang about even longer. An apple at bed usually works and/or prune juice. Use your bowel herbs as needed also.

Be well and stay hearty,

Doc Eve

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