GERD (GastroEsophageal Reflux Disease) has become more of a scare rather than just a nuisance, especially in the last couple of years when it has been linked to causing esophageal cancer.

Last week, a new patient (via phone consultation) told me that her MD had recommended an endoscopy as she was in constant pain from GERD and the drugs weren’t helping. She had constant acid in her mouth, and didn’t know whether the panic attacks she was having were caused by that, or if the panic attacks were causing the acid reflux. Her weight would not come down in spite of dieting and extra exercise, possibly from looking for something like bread to eat to “push the acids down” – an understandable reaction. Not to mention that wheat bread can cause even more burning, especially when eaten at the same time with meat.

We used the Cramp Bark to get the valves of the esophagus back in shape and stop the reflux. Calm Spirit and Vervain were used to relax the nervous system, and Gastrex to balance acids, increase digestion and neutralize the stomach. We added the E:V formula to help her deal with the stress on her exhausted adrenal glands.

We also went through the move I use to “massage” the stomach, that’s trying to climb into her chest, back down into position (Click here to see my YouTube video on how to do a Hiatal Hernia Adjustment on yourself).

Do use the herbs at least long enough so that the beleaguered valves finally get that healing is happening and new rules apply.

After one week on the herbs, she called to say that they were working.  She felt that, overall, she was at least 70% better. She no longer needed the endoscopy, had no more panic attacks and her weight is coming down too.

The 3 main rules are:

  1. Drink only enough with meals to comfortably take supplements.
  2. “Graze” instead of eating large meals which provoke the hiatal hernia and push acids up the esophagus. If we were to   come clean”ish” we’d have to say we so often ignore those warnings not to take on any more shipments.
  3. Leaning over for any length of time, or lying down flat right after a meal. Until the valves are toned, and opening and closing properly again, bending forward is out. We need to squat, using our quads to pull those weeds, and, if you must lie down after a meal, stay propped up for the first hour or two.

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Thank you so much to the following people for referring our phone consultations and herbs: Dean Bannon, Jennifer Hill, Raquel Olivo, Ellen Peterson, Dominique Vavasseur and Karl T. Wright.

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GERD/Acid Reflux/Hiatal HerniaI hope you enjoy the rest of winter and join me in my rain and snow dances as the lakes and rivers are still looking a bit needy.

Wishing you abundance in health and joy,

Doc Eve

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