Bladderwrack for Thyroid Imbalance

Bladderwrack in TQH Formula
for Thyroid and Thinning Hair

A thyroid imbalance, whether under- or overactive, likely indicates that it has been overworked and undernourished or assaulted by years of abuse from food, drugs or environment. Genetic causes may be part of the problem, but in any case, studies show that cleansing and nutritionally supporting the thyroid with proper amounts of natural iodine and other essential nutrients is a good place to start.

Overstimulating the thyroid can happen easily with the many forms of stimulants to which we have become accustomed. These include diet pills, allergy medications, coffee, soft drinks – including, and especially, diet ones – along with chocolate and candy. We use these as pick-me-ups, but the actual effect is that of flogging an already tired horse into deeper thyroid imbalance.

Thyroid hormones vitally effect most body tissues with roles in:

  • Bone health
  • Energy and metabolism
  • Growth and development
  • Heart and circulation
  • Normal mental functions

Instead of resting and properly nourishing ourselves to regain energy, we stress our thyroid and endocrine system further. After years of this, the metabolism either slows or over-produces against itself. We often suffer from lack of restful sleep and become nervous and anxious, further straining the glands.

Symptoms of Thyroid Imbalance can include:

  • Thinning hair
  • Fatigue/insomnia
  • Irregular heartbeats
  • Weight loss/gain
  • Goiter
  • Nervousness/hyperactivity/tremors
  • Weak or brittle nails
  • Hot flashes/increased perspiration

Fix a Thyroid Imbalance Using Herbs and Diet

TQH for Thinning Hair

TQH for Thinning Hair

Reducing the above stimulants and following the food suggestions in Ch. 7 on the hormonal system in my book, Feeling Very Much Better, is a good place to start. Combine this with fresh vegetable juices and herbal supplements for optimal effects.

Eve’s Herbs TQH formula is our primary supplement for thyroid imbalances and, in particular, hot flashes and thinning hair. Among other herbs and numerous nutrients, it contains bladderwrack, a form of kelp, which is high in iodine – extra important these days with the aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear accident still looming on the west coast.

For those who use homeopathics, Thyroidinum 9C is also available in both the liquid and pellets.

A complete package of supplements along with dietary instructions and my book are available in male and female Therapy Packs. Click on the appropriate one:

THYROID IMBALANCE Therapy Pack – Female


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