Stay on Your Travel Herbs Especially on PlanesTime the restocking of your travel herbs so that you not only have plenty to last through your vacation, but also have enough for at least a week after arriving home. This way the immune system has your full support while it disposes of any invaders, even after the immediate danger has passed.

Flights home in summer are stuffy and crowded, oftentimes with people sick from something they “picked up” in a foreign place or possibly from over-indulging in summer delights like ice cream, mai tais, pupu platters, croissants and all those other toothsome delights that hobble our immune systems. During the flight, our bodies are open to all those viruses and exotic cooties, so generously shared through the air vents, and we need some serious herbs to guard us in this vulnerable state.

From our travel weary and jet-lagged patients we’ve heard, “We had a great trip – we never got sick and then we ran out of our travel herbs a few days before our flight home. Bad timing…now we feel rotten.” It doesn’t have to be that way.


The cream of the crop immune-enhancing formulas, Bactotox, Enhance and AHCC, as well as the anti-parasitic herbs, BWC and Gentian Root, are all terrific travel buddies.  The Eve’s Herbs Travel Pack contains the Bactotox, BWC and Gentian Root as well as Aller-Total to control allergic reactions.

Teachers especially benefit from travel herbs too, particularly in winter. One patient just wrote with her re-order: Teacher’s pet herbs _ “no colds or anything from my students all this winter.”

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