Watermelon to Hydrate for Urinary Tract Infections

Eat Some Watermelon to Hydrate

I used to have urinary tract infections chronically until my early thirties when I met the R.I. formula. No more infections for the next 35 years, but now, as I’m speeding toward 70, occasionally there’s that bit of burning and the cold sweat again. One capsule of the R.I. in the A.M. and one in the P.M. for a week takes care of it. It might be very helpful to a parent or friend in their 70s or 80s on up who is needlessly suffering from this.

Also, remember hot water bottles – anyone over age 60 certainly will. I still have mine covered in sheepskin – cozy. Oh, and, of course, hydrate, hydrate.

When water just doesn’t do it, no matter how much we drink, stop and eat some watermelon – especially helpful. Or try some other run-down-the-chin juicy fruits, wonderfully in season right now. They are alkalizing too, and so, help with pain, especially the pain that is a direct result from a very acidic system, as with urinary tract infections. Watermelon’s packed nutrient content with its low glycemic load, stays in the body longer than plain water, and so, hydrates longer and very comfortably. I chop it up and keep it beside me in the office – just in case you see some pink stains on an instruction sheet or invoice in your shipment (HaHa).

Urinary Tract Infections Can Occur at Any Age

R:I formula for relief from urinary tract infections

R:I formula for relief from urinary tract infections

Take the R.I. formula on your honeymoon, especially if you easily suffer from Urinary Tract Infections or cystitis (“Honeymooner’s Disease”).

However, we also often suffer from these kinds of infections as we head towards our dotage. Once again bladder infections show up in that spot of blood in the urine that the doctor says you have, but claims that it is normal and to just drink more water, and/or he or she will give you an antibiotic that you are loathe to take.

A patient of mine gave a bottle of the R.I. formula to her bladder-infection-prone daughter to take with her on her honeymoon. With mom’s re-order, she reported that the happy couple had fun…  lots of fun.

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