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Eve with Cramp Bark Tree That's High in Calcium

Our Calcium-Rich Cramp Bark Tree

I thought I’d answer some FAQs about calcium:

  • Why are herbs better for my osteoporosis, back pain, charley horses, etc.?
  • Is [this] a good calcium supplement I bought at the store?
  • Why should I get my calcium from herbs instead?

Most store-bought calcium supplements (the white tablets, usually calcium carbonate – limestone or chalk, basically) are inorganic, ground rock or seashells and unusable by the body. The organic calcium in plants and herbs is bound with other vitamins, micro-minerals and nutrients and, therefore, fully absorbable and usable in the body.

Inorganic minerals can be accepted into the body, but not assimilated. The inorganic minerals then accumulate, lie in deposits in weakened parts of the body, only to later cause discomfort – bone spurs or kidney stones, for example.

However, calcium found in plants and herbs, is absorbed and assimilated for immediate use where it is needed – like in the bones, to prevent osteoporosis (along with exercise), and in the muscles to stave off muscle spasms, say in the legs or back. Our MNF or Herbal Multi formulas and Cramp Bark contain herbs loaded with organic, assimilable calcium.


Many thanks for helping my husband and me stay healthy while traveling in Mexico! We took the BWC and Bactotox regularly, and it was great.

PURPURA SPOTS – An Updated Testimonial

A progress report on the PURPURA case we cited a few weeks ago:

“My arms are doing great, Have not had any of those big (or small) Purpura spots, when my skin would literally split open and immediately bleed after I had lightly bumped my forearm.”

Be well and stay hearty,

Doc Eve

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