Wildfires and Smog of Summer and Lung Protection


Wildfires Over the Rogue River

Wildfires Over the Rogue River

Our chests start to feel tight, and those little coughs are the efforts of our lungs and bronchi to reject the wildfires smoke trying to infiltrate them.

We’ve had 4 days of wildfires smoke here in Ashland and the entire Rogue Valley.  Firefighters are so engulfed in smoke they can’t actually see where several of these wildfires are coming from.  The vacationing rafters, on the popular Rogue River, look like they’re taking the River Styx to Hades with further trips having been cancelled.

For more photos from the Mail Tribune that tell a thousand words, click here.

Protection For Your Lungs

If you already have the Herba Pneu formula at home and are currently in the midst of wildfire smoke and/or smog, like we are, take an extra couple of capsules a day.  If you haven’t taken the Herba Pneu formula before, just follow the directions on the side of the bottle.  It will make that little cough productive; in other words it is an expectorant that will clear the sinuses, bronchi and lungs.

The initial reaction might be a runny nose for an hour or so, telling you that it’s on the job.  You are now expectorating.

If you don’t have any Herba Pneu, we can send it ASAP.  This formula has a number of supportive herbs in it, but it is primarily the Cubeb Berries and Juniper Berries that do the cleansing work.  The rest are wonderful plant source vitamins and calmatives to the whole respiratory system.

For the burning eyes, you might consider our homeopathic Dry Eye Relief drops and use them frequently to soothe them.  So, salut and pray for rain!

Best of Health to you as always,

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