Dr. Eve’s Herbal Catalog contains herbal formulas, single herbs, homeopathics, extra needs supplements, and an extensive reference guide.

Some of the conditions and treatments include:

Acne Skin Formula, Nu Liv, (cystic, add Bactotox). See Detoxification Chapter in “Feeling Very Much Better”.

A.D.D./A.D.H.D. Rhodiola Root. Homeopathic: Selenium Homaccord and Phosphoricum acidum. For nutritional causes see the Children’s Chapter in “Feeling Very Much Better”.

Addiction (tobacco) Nu-Liv, Pneu

Allergies Cubeb Berries, Pneu, Rhodiola Root. Homeopathics: Allertotal, Histaminum

Anti-aging Tonic Rhodiola Root, EV, 50/50, Power Barley and Detox powder 

Anxiety Vervain, MNF, HBP, Calm spirit, ACP 

Arthritis Devil’s Claw, AR+

Asthma Pneu, Cubeb Berries, Bactotox. With constipation see Kleanz and Respiratory Diet in “Feeling Very Much Better”.

Back Pain MNF, ACP (night time), Cramp Bark (esp. with sciatica)

Bladder Infection (Cystitis) R.I., MNF, with pain: ACP.

Bloated Stomach Digest, Cramp Bark, Nutridophilus, with constipation: Kleanz. Due to sugar cravings: Gymnemma or Patic FE.

Boils, Carbuncles, Folliculitis Bactotox, Bilica, Skin Formula, BWC.

Breakthrough Bleeding Cayenne, E:V, MNF, Cordyceps.

Broken Bones Bilica, MNF, Solomon Seal, Comfrey ointment.

Bronchitis Bactotox, Pneu, Cramp Bark. Chronic: add Vervain and/or Astragalus and Defense Formulas.

Cancer (nutritional support) See Liver Diet in “Feeling Very much Better”. Venus Fly Trap, AHCC, Pau D’Arco tea, Eve’s Essiac, F.

Candida BWC, Yeast-can (homeopathic), Gymnemma, Patic Fe, Colostrum or Nutridophilus.

Cardiovascular Deficiencies Eve’s Cardio, Cardio HV, Joy. Spider veins and varicose veins: Horse Chestnut. High blood pressure: HBP

Cervical Dysplasia FE 7, Nu Liv, Rhodiola Root, AHCC.

Chemo/Surgery Nutritional Support Nu-Liv, MNF, Rhodiola Root, Pau D’Arco tea, Cardio HV. Nausea: Digest, Nux Vomica, Ginger.

Children Frequent infections: Astragalus, Echinacea Astragalus, Well Child syrup. Other children’s illnesses, see Children’s Chapter in “Feeling Very Much Better.”

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Bactotox, E:V, S, Astragalus and Defense, MNF, Enhance

Chronic Infections Bactotox (fi rst few weeks), AHCC, Rhodiola Root, Pneu, MNF.

Colds and Flu See Chronic Infections.

Colitis Bactotox, Colostrum, Slippery Elm, Power Barley and Detox Powder.

Constipation Acute: Anti-Geotrichum or Natural Herbal Laxative. Moderate: Kleanz or PS:SS Mild: Patic Fe or Digest

Cough Pneu, Bactotox, Cramp Bark, (wheezing), Nu-breath Dry: Antimonium Tartrate Wet: Hepar Sulphate

Crohn’s Disease Colostrum, Bactotox, Slippery Elm, Cramp Bark, Power Barley and Detox Powder.

Depression Joy Formula, Rhodiola Root, TQH, DPRSN Due to anxiety: Vervain. Due to sugar excesses: Borage, Gymnemma, Patic Fe.

Diarrhea Baltone, Arsenicum album.

Diverticulitis Slippery Elm, Cramp Bark, Colostrum, Bactotox, F,Detox Powder and Power Barley.

Ear Infection Bactotox, Pneu, Willow/Garlic Ear Oil (topical only). With fever, right side: Belladonna. Without fever, left side: Pulsatilla.

Eczema Skin Formula, Nu-Liv, S, EV, Bilica.Graphite (homeopathic). Thyroidinum pellets of drops.Also see Detoxifi cation Chapter in “Feeling Very Much Better”.

Edema With pain in kidneys or bladder: R.I. With water retention: Ren Cleanz. Also see Kidney Chapter in “Feeling Very Much Better”.

Endometriosis Vitex Tincture, Fe 7, Cramp Bark, Ren Tone V.

Energy Rhodiola Root, Kleanz, Peeper Keeper, Red Wine with Resveratrol, Bactotox.. Men: S Women: E:V

Eye Disorders Peeper Keeper, Nu-Liv, Euphrasia.

Epstein Barr Virus/CMV Bactotox followed by Astragalus and Defense, Nu-Liv, Enhance, S or E:V.

Fatigue Due to adrenal exhaustion: TQH, Quad, E:V, S, Rhodiola Root, F. Due to digestive disorders: Kleanz, Digest, PS:SS. Due to chronic viral infection: see Epstein Barr above.

Fibromyalgia Devil’s Claw, AR+, MNF, Pan D2.

Fibrocystic Breasts Devil’s Claw, Vitex, FibroHerb.

Gallbladder Pain, Stones or Inflammation GB, R.I.

HIV Enhance, Astragalus, Defense, Rhodiola Root, Eve’s Essiac, MNF, Bactotox.

Hayfever Allertotal, Histaminum, Pneu.

Headaches Nu-Liv, Ginkgo, Migra-Tox. With constipation: Kleanz.

Heart Deficiencies Cardio HV, Eve’s Cardio, Joy, Cayenne, CoQ10.

Hemorrhoids Slippery Elm, MNF, Horse Chestnut.

Hepatitis Bactotox, Nu-Liv, Eve’s Essiac, Skin Formula, GB.

Herpes Skin Formula, Astragalus/Defense, Gripp heel.

High Cholesterol Red Rice Yeast, Chol-Lite, Eve’s Cardio.

Hot Flashes Hot Flash Formula, Black Cohosh, Vitex

Hypertension, High Blood Pressure HBP, MNF, Cramp Bark, Vervain, ACP.

Immune system (over/under active) Bactotox fi rst three weeks, then follow with Rhodiola Root, Astragalus, Defense Formulas and/or AHCC, Vitamin D 3.

Impotence O/N, Damiana, E:V, S, Vervain, Horny goat weed.

Incontinence Ren Tone V. With constipation: Kleanz.

Indigestion Patic Fe, Digest. From refl ux: Cramp Bark. Also see Detox Chapter in “Feeling Very Much Better”.

Infertility Female: E:V, Pan D2, Ren Tone V, Rhodiola Root. Male: S, Tate I, Rhodiola Root. (see Reproductive System Chapter in “ Feeling Very Much Better”).

Inflammation & Infections Bactotox, Devil’s Claw, MNF. See Kidney Diet (low acid), “Feeling Very Much Better”.

Inflammatory Bowel Disorder Bactotox, Cramp Bark, Slipper Elm, Power Barley and Detox powderl

Injury/Surgery Solomon Seal, Bilica, MNF. Traumeel.

Insomnia Vervain, MNF, ACP (with pain or discomfort). Calm Spirit, Sleeper, sublingual melatonin – this combination is a knock-out with no hangover.

Liver Detox Nu-Liv, Skin Formula, Astragalus and Defense formulas. (See Liver Chapter in Feeling Very Much Better)

Low Back Pain Cramp Bark, MNF, Ren Tone V. With constipation: Kleanz.

Menopause Overall symptoms: TQH, MNF, 40+, Vitex tincture, Black Cohosh Tincture, Cardio HV, Horse Chestnut. Depression: Joy formula, Rhodiola Root. Depression and sleeplessness: MNF, Vervain, 5-HTP See Reproductive Chapter in “Feeling Very Much Better”.

Memory Poor Rhodiola Root, Ginkgo Biloba, Horse Chestnut, Gotu Kola

Menstrual Bleeding (Excessive) Vitex, E:V, Cayenne, cordyceps. With cramps: Cramp Bark. See Reproductive Chapter in “Feeling Very Much Better”

Mental Fatigue Rhodiola Root, Ginkgo Biloba. With constipation: Kleanz.

Muscle Tension and Spasms MNF, Cramp Bark. See Kidney Chapter in “Feeling Very Much Better”.

Nausea Ginger, Digest, Nu-Liv, Gentian

Nervousness Adrenal Support: E:V, S, MNF, Vervain, Calm Spirit. Due to excessive sugary diet: See Hypoglycemia and Diabetes Chapter in “Feeling Very Much Better”.

Neuropathy Devil’s Claw, AR+, Cramp Bark. See Kidney Diet (low in acids, which can exacerbate pain) in “Feeling Very Much Better”.

Osteoporosis MNF, Cramp Bark, E:V, S, Magnesium chelate.

Overweight With high cholesterol: Chol-lite, TQH, Quad, Red wine with resveratrol With sugar cravings: Gymnemma, Patic Fe. With fat cravings: GB, Kleanz, Digest.

Parasites With constipation: Anti-geotrichum, PS:SS. With diarrhea: PS:HW, BWC tincture, Nutridophilus, Colostrum, Slippery Elm.

Phlegm Pneu, Bactotox. Due to chronic viral condition: Olive Leaf Extract, Ginger, Cordyceps, Nu-Breath.

PMS Cramp Bark, E:V, Quad. See Reproductive System Chapter in “Feeling Very Much Better”.

Post Menstrual Fatigue Patic Fe, Female Daily, Power Barley. Nutritional help see PMS above.

Prostate Conditions Begin with Tate I for 6 weeks then follow through with S and Male Daily.

Pylonidal Cyst GB, Bactotox, Nu-Liv, Hepar Sulphate

Sciatica Cramp Bark, Ren Tone V. With constipation: Kleanz.

Skin disorders See Eczema above.

Spasms Cramp Bark, MNF, Female Daily, Male Daily. See Kidney Diet in “Feeling Very Much Better”

Stomachache Patic Fe, GB

Sore Throat Bactotox, Pneu, Ginger, Colloidal Silver spray.

Stones, (Kidneys or Gallbladder) GB, R.I., Slippery Elm. See Liver and Gallbladder Diet in “Feeling Very Much Better”.

Stress S, E:V, F, MNF, Rhodiola Root, Bilica.

Stroke Prevention Horse Chestnut, Chol-Lite, Cardio HV, Borage.

Sugar Cravings Gymnemma, Patic Fe, Borage, Pan D2. Also see Hypoglycemia/Diabetes Chapter in “Feeling Very Much Better”.

Thyroid Imbalances TQH, Quad, Rhodiola Root, F , Homeopathic Thyroidinum.

Ulcers Bactotox, Slippery Elm

Vaginal Yeast Infection BWC tincture, Yst-can (homeopathic), Olive Leaf Extract.

Virus (Acute) Bactotox, Colostrum, Pine Bark Extract.

Virus (Chronic) Bactotox, Astragalus and Defense, Olive Leaf Extract, PS:HW. Nutritional support: See Liver Chapter in “Feeling Very Much Better”.

Weight Loss Hoodia Gordonii, Chol-lite, Green excellent

Yeast infections See Vaginal Yeast Infections or Candida above.