The following text is part of the information you will receive with your Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Therapy Pack. The full text will include specifically suggested foods and use of herbs.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a chronic inflammatory condition within the blood, which is carried to the cells in particularly vulnerable joints in this case, the wrist and arm. It is often caused or exacerbated by frequent repetitive movement like using the mouse with your computer. The symptoms include heat and a searing pain. Topically, your Therapy Pack includes an ointment to massage into your arm/wrist which can, in itself, be very helpful. You will probably, however, need to reverse this condition by changing the system to a more alkaline state. The herbs included in your Therapy Pack, along with the dietary suggestions, will assist in that.

The herbal preparations included in your Therapy Pack have been specifically formulated for turning this inflammatory and painful condition around. They assist in clearing and nourishing the body, easing the pain and helping to re-establish proper function. They give you the tools to heal without the threat of negative side effects.

Carpal Tunnel Therapy Pack

The CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME Therapy Pack is a kit designed to reduce or eliminate the pain, numbness and tingling that result from inflammation and swelling in the carpal tunnel of the wrist, usually following an injury or long term repetitive movements, such as using a computer mouse.

Our patients typically will start feeling relief within days and continue to improve with use of the herbal and homeopathic formulas as well as the topical ointment. Changes in the diet and a few adjustments in the workplace station will also help with long term relief.


* Two Eve’s Herbs herbal formulas, plus a homeopathic remedy and a topical ointment, all to reduce swelling and inflammation and abate symptoms.

* Included FREE, Dr. Eve Campanelli’s book, “Feeling Very Much Better” with short, concise and easy to read and use chapters which contain all the food and exercise recommendations, including foods to buy and foods to avoid (see Chapter 6) – PLUS a chapter with healthy recipes, all to reinforce the effectiveness of the herbal formulas.

* An instruction sheet on how to use your Therapy Pack most effectively.

* A complimentary Eve’s Herbs catalog with all of our formulas and their descriptions on how they may benefit you in dealing with a variety of health issues.

Eve’s Herbs Formulas: AR+ and MNF

Homeopathic Remedy: Strong Ligaments & Joints (contains alcohol)

Topical: Comfrey Ointment