The following text is part of the information you will receive with your Diarrhea and Irritable Bowel Therapy Pack. The full text will include specifically suggested foods and use of the herbs.

Diarrhea and irritable bowel have several likely causes, including eating while tense and upset, eating on the run, allergic reactions, parasitic infections, the types of foods eaten and the way they are combined.

While you are waiting for your herbs, drink about 4-6 ounces a day of fresh vegetable juice, especially carrot juice mixed with a little green juice like celery, parsley and/or spinach. The chlorophyll helps to soothe the intestine. Avoid intestinal irritating foods like popcorn, nuts and grapes until you are better.

The herbal preparations you’ll be receiving have been specifically formulated for your thoroughly annoyed bowel, based on many years of observation and experience. They assist in clearing and nourishing the body and help to re-establish proper balance and function to affected organs. In this way, they give the body the tools to heal without the threat of major side effects.

Diarrhea Therapy Pack

The DIARRHEA Therapy Pack is a kit prepared to quickly help with supporting the intestinal tract in reversing the symptoms of acute or chronic diarrhea toward long term relief and more regular functioning of the lower bowel.

Our patients typically begin showing results quickly, with continued improvement over the next several weeks. In combination with the included food plan, you’ll enjoy improved overall health.

If you are currently overweight, the food and exercise plan should also result in some weight loss with a resulting increase in energy.


* Two Eve’s Herbs formulas, a powerful detoxifier and a homeopathic remedy specifically designed to support the bowels in quelling the symptoms of chronic diarrhea and effectively regulate the intestinal tract.

—-Eve’s Herbs Formulas: Bactotox and Cramp Bark

—-Special Needs Supplements: Detox

—-Homeopathic Remedy: Arsenicum Album

* Included FREE, Dr. Eve Campanelli’s book, “Feeling Very Much Better” with short, concise and easy to read and use chapters which contain all the food and exercise recommendations, including foods to buy and foods to avoid (see Ch. 2 on Detoxification) – PLUS a chapter with healthy recipes, all to reinforce the effectiveness of the herbal formulas.

* An instruction sheet on how to use your Therapy Pack most effectively.

* A complimentary Eve’s Herbs catalog with all of our formulas and their descriptions on how they may benefit you in dealing with a variety of health issues.