The following text is part of the information you will receive with your GUM DISEASE (Periodontal) Therapy Pack. The full text will include specifically suggested foods and use of herbs.

When the gums are infected, inflamed and/or swollen, you may have deterioration of the surrounding tissue, degeneration of the periodontal ligament and the roots of the teeth overly exposed. 75% of Americans over the age of 35 suffer from some form of gum disease, and with research now connecting gum disease to heart disease, it is important to restore and keep the gums healthy. Nutrient deficiency is usually a part of this common problem, of which natural vitamin C plays a large part and is abundant in one of the formulas of the Gum Disease Therapy Pack.

Dietary considerations are gone into thoroughly in your Therapy Pack information, but in the meantime, avoid refined sugars and carbohydrates as well as sodas, and keep alcohol to a minimum.

The herbal preparations included in the Therapy Pack have been specifically formulated for gum disease based on centuries of observation and experience. They can assist in clearing and nourishing the body and help to re-establish proper balance and function to the gum tissues. In this way, they give the body the tools to heal without the threat of major side effects.

Gum Disease Therapy Pack

The GUM DISEASE (Periodontal) Therapy Pack is a kit designed to support the body in dealing with the inflammation and infection of periodontal disease, while promoting a return to healthy gum tissues, using proprietary blend herbal formulas.

While our patients typically begin showing results fairly quickly, it is recommended that you continue the herbs, along with the dietary recommendations, over at least a three month period for best results. In combination with the included food and exercise plan, you will likely enjoy improved overall health as well.

If you are currently overweight, the food and exercise plan should also result in some weight loss with a resulting increase in energy.


* Four exclusive Eve’s Herbs proprietary blend herbal formulas specifically combined to support healing from inflammation and infection.

* Included FREE, Dr. Eve Campanelli’s book, “Feeling Very Much Better” with short, concise and easy to read and use chapters which contain all the food and exercise recommendations, including foods to buy and foods to avoid (see Ch. 4 on the Respiratory System) – PLUS a chapter with healthy recipes, all to reinforce the effectiveness of the herbal formulas.

* An instruction sheet on how to use your Therapy Pack most effectively.

* A complimentary Eve’s Herbs catalog with all of our formulas and their descriptions on how they may benefit you in dealing with a variety of health issues.

Eve’s Herbs Formulas: Bactotox, Herba Pneu, MNF and Blend F