Prostate enlargement, inflammation and/or infection is a large and growing problem for men that can be relieved or avoided with some changes in diet and a few nutritive and soothing herbal natural remedies.

While an inflamed prostate leading to prostatitis may be caused by the toxic side effects of long term drug use, it is much more commonly due to over-processed, low-in-nourishment foods that are high in acids, salts, fats, chemicals and sugar – i.e., what has become the typical American diet.  Tomato products, which contain high amounts of lycopene, may seem alright, and often are touted as a prostate cancer preventative,  but are actually very irritating to the prostate – especially cooked tomato products like spaghetti sauce.  There are plenty of other fruits and vegetables that are high in lycopene that do not irritate the prostate and are, in fact, quite soothing instead.

Besides the above, it would also be advisable to avoid coffee, black tea, red meats, white flour, alcohol and sodas, especially the “diet” ones.  Drinking plenty of water each day, 6-8 glasses depending on your size, in between meals, not with meals, would also be recommended.

A Natural, Herbal Solution to Prostate Problems

The Eve’s Herbs “Prostate Inflammation, Infection & Enlargement Therapy Pack” contains two herbal formulas packed with herbs that provide mega-nutrition for the prostate, as well as those with anti-inflammatory properties to promote the calming, soothing, healing and reduction of inflammation and enlargement of the prostate.

Saw Palmetto Berries, best known for supporting the reduction of an enlarged prostate, are in both formulas giving you a double dose.  Other positive side effects can include the promotion of an increased libido, an improved flow when urinating, as well as less trips to the bathroom during the night.

The included instructions and Dr. Eve’s book will provide greater detail on what to eat and what not to eat, plus some yummy recipes.

The Therapy Pack, which also contains a homeopathic remedy, is designed to help you attain short-term symptomatic relief as well as promoting a strong and healthy prostate in the long term that can help avoid the ever-increasing prostatectomy procedure that is becoming all to common and can potentially lead to incontinence and a ruined sex life.

Prostate Inflammation, Infection, and Enlargement Therapy Pack

ProstateTherapy Pack

ProstateTherapy Pack

The PROSTATE INFLAMMATION, INFECTION AND ENLARGEMENT Therapy Pack is a kit designed to help you attain short-term symptomatic relief, as well as promote a strong and

healthy prostate in the long-term, using herbal and homeopathic remedies.

Our patients usually show improvement within two weeks using this Therapy Pack. A maintenance plan is included to help prevent reoccurrence.

If you are currently overweight, the food and exercise plan should also result in some weight loss with a resulting increase in energy and improved overall health.


* Two exclusive Eve’s Herbs proprietary blend herbal formulas specifically prepared to promote a strong and healthy prostate. A homeopathic formula is also included to assist in hastening the reduction of inflammation, especially at the onset.

—Eve’s Herbs Formulas: Tate:I and Herbal Multi

—Homeopathic: Aconite

* Included FREE, Dr. Eve Campanelli’s book, “Feeling Very Much Better” with short, concise and easy to read and use chapters which contain all the food and exercise recommendations, including foods to buy and foods to avoid (see Chapter 7 on The Reproductive Organs) – PLUS a chapter with healthy recipes, all to reinforce the effectiveness of the herbal formulas and maximize healing.

* An instruction sheet on how to use your Therapy Pack most effectively.

* A complimentary Eve’s Herbs catalog with all of our formulas and their descriptions on how they may benefit you in dealing with a variety of health issues.