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Chronic Sinusitis (Testimonial)

It’s been a year now without any antibiotics for sinus infections.  The Bactotox and Herba Pneu are working well for me!  The only other time I went this long I had had sinus and deviated septum surgery!  Taking Bactotox and Herba Pneu was much less painful and more effective!  As always, thank you, Dr. Eve, so very much. Back To Top

Pilonidal Cyst (Testimonial)

The following is a commentary of an experience one of my patients had from 1980 to present:

I am a white male, 34 years old, living in Los Angeles, California. I had experienced a significant amount of pain near my tailbone from 1980 to 1992, increasing in severity in 1993. Friends of mine mentioned that it was possibly a cyst around my tailbone, which, from what they had heard, is a very serious type of cyst and would be literally a “pain in the ass” to get rid of. They told me to avoid surgery at all costs unless absolutely necessary. In 1993 the pain and swelling became so bad I had a hard time standing and could hardly sit down as well. I finally went to see a specialist (doctor) who verified that it was indeed a Pilonidal Cyst (just the kind my friends years back had warned me about). The only solution was to have the cyst surgically removed through an outpatient procedure. Unfortunately, the outcome would be very painful and a recovery time of 2 to 3 months was to be expected. This news was insignificant compared to the prospect of recurrence. The doctor warned me that there would be a 30 percent chance of serious infection and a 50 percent chance of recurrence. Needless to say, I was scared out of my wits but found no other way to get any relief from this agony that had plagued me for over a decade. A few weeks later I went to the hospital for the procedure. The pain was severe and my butt looked like Dr. Frankenstein had done his best work on me. With the help of painkillers I was back to work after about 2 months of recovery. I thought all was well except that the draining had not stopped (it was still bleeding). After a follow-up appointment with the doctor, the news was not good. I had unfortunately fallen into the 50 percent group of recurrence and the surgery would have to be repeated. At this point I said “WAIT A MINUTE, you mean I will have to deal with the same procedure, pain, inconvenience, and be out of work another 2 months?” The reply was not going to change anything. I was simply stunned and angry. About this time I was introduced to Dr. Eve Campanelli. I was very skeptical of holistic methods and did not think anything would help at this point. My wife said, “What have you got to lose. Would you rather go through all that again?” I agreed to see Dr. Campanelli. She was gentle, understanding, and used something called kinesiology (a type of muscle testing). After receiving a handful of herbs and instruction regarding a very strict diet of vegetables and other wholesome foods, I was on my way home. I followed her instructions exactly. The herbs were in capsule form and easy to swallow. Keeping on the diet was not hard and I actually started craving the foods she recommended as time progressed. After a week I started breaking out (acne) a little and experienced a bit of lightheadedness. My metabolism seemed to improve and I seemed to experience a greater ability to think clearly (something I had always had trouble with). The most profound thing I experienced was a sudden increase in energy and a greater sense of well-being  Another week went by and the bleeding stopped. The pain went completely away and I was able to remove the pads I had been wearing all this time. After the third week I went back to Dr. Campanelli and she did another set of muscle tests with the herbs. She adjusted my selection of remedies and sent me on my way. About a week later (one month after I had started using the remedies) I went back to the doctor who had recommended the second surgery. He examined me and stated that the recovery was remarkable and that he had never seen anything like it in all his years of practice. He informed me that if it ever came back, I would have to see him again. It is now 1998, and I have been using the herbs Dr. Campanelli recommends for maintenance. I have never felt better, and the cyst has not as much as reared its ugly head my way again. Thank you Dr. Campanelli !!! Back To Top

Side Effects From Going Off “The Pill” (Case Study)

A 25 year old woman came in with side effect problems from the birth control pill, amongst others. She had gone off “The Pill” 3 months ago, but had gained considerable weight which wouldn’t come off. She had abdominal pains and was still “spotting”. She had also been dizzy for 1-1/2 years and suffering from anxiety attacks. Her iron was low, energy very low, and her periods irregular. She had especially bad energy crashes around 4:00 p.m. each day. She said she was forgetful, confused, depressed and hungry a lot. She was also on various medications in an effort to clear her skin of acne. Her doctors, after many visits, offered no explanations for her problems, except to suggest “Prozac” for her depression. Inner ear problems as a possible cause for her dizziness, had been ruled out. I didn’t have much luck with the muscle testing (Applied Kinesiology) on her first visit because all tested weak. We began the detoxification diet, added acidophilus to increase the absorption of her foods, and a couple of herb formulas to nourish the hormonal system and clean the blood. On her next visit, a week later, she had gathered considerable strength and we could use some Applied Kinesiology. Her energy was up to the point where she had woken early and felt rested the last few days. She had experienced no significant anxiety attacks, her appetite was less, and she had dropped 3 pounds. Her breasts were feeling tender as though she might be pre-menstrual. She was due for her period if it was going to be on time. We were not optimistic, however, after only 1 week of changes. She had also experienced no dizziness. We regulated the herbs further and I did some acupressure. That night, she got her period on time, she told me at the next visit. She still had some energy drops around 4:00 p.m., for which we reorganized her food plan and added chromium picolinate. Now, 1 month later, she is off all drugs (supervised by a medical doctor), her skin is clear, and she has no more energy drops at 4:00 p.m. She said her mind was now clear of confusion and depression and that she had dropped a few more pounds. Any minimal anxieties she still had, she said she can now easily work her way through. Back To Top

Inflamed Esophagus (Case Study)

One of my now most special clients had an interesting story. She was extremely nervous, and had constant pain in her chest that had been diagnosed as an “inflamed esophagus”. Everything she ate “just sat there and burned”. Even at night she had to sleep sitting up. the medication she had been given for this didn’t help and caused her body to break out in a constantly itching rash. She was extremely stressed out due to the pain, the drug reaction, to job upheavals, getting up three times a night to relieve herself, and to ease her back from having to sleep sitting up due to the chest pain. In desperation she went to her dermatologist about the rash. The dermatologist said she had mite bites. She had her entire house exterminated, to no avail. She was still itching madly and the pain in the esophagus was intense. She was afraid to take any more medication for fear of further reactions. Next was an allergist. He gave her more cortisone, seldane, which she told him didn’t work because she had already been given that by her first doctor. The doctor added Benadryl and said to try it again. She was still itching. Between scratches she also offered that she knew she had to lose at least 15 pounds. I did forewarn her, scratching myself, that the natural remedies worked considerably more slowly than drugs, but at that point she felt she had nothing to lose. She began drinking 3 cups of Pau D’arco tea a day which among other things is a soothing anti-inflammatory. She took cramp bark and red raspberry leaf tea in capsules, two times a day, and the homeopathic Antimonium Tartrate to loosen her cough. I also suggested she eliminate all tomato products, sugar, and dairy products (except yogurt) from her diet. After 1 week the rash was gone. After 2 weeks the cough was gone. She slept lying down, and all the way through the night. She had no more esophageal burning, felt calmer, and had taken herself off all medication (under physician supervision). And, oh, she had shed 8 pounds and was still going strong. We were having a wonderful time working together and have become very fond of each other. A couple of weeks later she saw her physician for her regular physical and he commented on how well she looked. She told him of our work in regard to her diet and he commented that he supposed it could have been food allergies. When she told him about the herbs he shouted, “I forbid you to take herbs, they can be toxic and you could have a bad reaction”. She is now looking for another physician. I can’t imagine why? Back To Top

Children’s Insomnia and Constipation (Case Study)

I saw one-year-old T.J. and his mother a few weeks ago. She was at her wits end with lack of sleep and concern for her son. He had been on antibiotics several times in his short life for recurring ear infections. He was chronically constipated. His doctor prescribed laxatives produced cramps and bloating. He suffered from insomnia, and when he did finally fall asleep, often woke up restless and crying. He had a chronically runny nose and was irritable most of the time. Aside from the laxative, his pediatrician had prescribed Levsin, an antispasmodic. His mother was concerned about the medication, since in warm weather it can cause heat prostration and fever due to lack of sweating. It can cause drowsiness, blurred vision, fatigue and insomnia, increased heart rate, nervousness, weakness and dizziness. This, of course, explained many of his symptoms. He had already had barium x-rays at his tender age and was proclaimed “fine” by his doctor. I suggested every other bottle of formula be replaced with strained, diluted carrot/apple/celery juice to boost his nutrient absorption, gently cleanse his blood and stimulate his liver. We used acidophilus with bifidus 2 times a day in a little water or juice, to restore the friendly bacteria to his intestine. We then added a homeopathic remedy for constipation including some “carbo veg.” to ease the gas. A week later (or sooner, his mother didn’t call until then because she couldn’t believe it), he was sleeping through the night, moved his bowels easily, no more runny nose, and was a “happy baby”. Prevention, of course, is always better than the cure, and simply nursing an infant for a minimum of 9 months will usually forestall these kinds of problems. It is not always the answer to everything, and there are often and sadly circumstances where the mother cannot nurse. It is at times like these where tried and true remedies that have always been available to us come in so handy. Back To Top

Severe Skin Problems (Case Study)

A 30 year old woman came to see me for skin bad enough to make you want to cry. Outside the acne, she was dealing with persistent facial, very coarse, hair growth. The drugs she had taken for both over the years had made her toxic enough to cause big black circles under her eyes, dry skin peeling over the acne, exhaustion and a posture and hair geared to hiding her face. She was told by her dermatologist that one of the main problems was that her pores would not close. She went on the detoxification diet for a couple of weeks which was only hard for her in that the acne really blossomed for a few days. We used the cleansing and toning herbs, hormone balancing and nourishing herbs, and later added a formula for hair and skin. There was mild improvement at that time, and a week later she came in beaming. “For the first time in years, look my pores have closed, my acne is all but gone.” Most of her face was smooth as a baby’s bottom, except for a few patches of flaking. Two weeks later when she brought in her sister, who had similar problems, I barely recognized her. Her hair was off her face, her posture straight, she looked beautiful. The dark circles were 75 percent gone. We’re still working on those, she’s still on two of the drugs, which still have not helped after 1 year, but according to her doctor, she still needs to be patient. Back To Top

Achilles Tendon (Testimonial)

I had a complete Achilles Tendon break.. 100% detachment. Actually, it wasn’t painful at all, except for the moment of impact. Then it was over. Maybe it was due to the complete tear of the tendon leaving it hanging in a relaxed state. (Sounds stressful, doesn’t it?) This was, in my orthopedic surgeons’ word’s, “the worst case he had ever seen”. He had done many famous sports figures, and even a few famous celebrity actors. He said that he went so far as to show the film of my surgery to two other surgeons and neither of them could believe the severity of the tear. It was detached and had pulled a 3/4 inch piece of my heel bone 1/4 way up my calf. I must tell you that I trust him, and I still like him. I think he is one of the best out there and I feel fortunate to have found him. Nonetheless, this is a story about western medicinal attitudes versus homeopathic. It had been nearly 5 months, as there was a little complication (which my surgeon pre-warned me about). The 7 inch incision had a problem closing at the ankle level. I have battled a 3/4 inch opening which left the tendon exposed since the stitches came out. It was such a slow healing process as the entire area has very little circulation. I never thought it would heal. In addition to my orthopedic surgeon we involved a plastic surgeon to join, just to be sure the wound was being dealt with correctly. Two and a half months passed and there wasn’t a bit of change in the 3/4 inch hole in my leg. I consulted Eve and David Campanelli (who I had used for Chiropractic service) and they made me a gift of Eve’s holistic remedy. They were: “Herba Cortin S”, “Bilica”, “Eve’s Cardio”, and “Solomon Seal”. It was nearly 2 and a half months after the stitches were removed, with biweekly checkups, and my plastic surgeon continually confirming his diagnoses that it would never heal on it’s own. There had been no change. The Plastic surgeon proposed a good argument. Waiting for live tissue to granulate over the tendon was like trying to grow skin over wood. To my orthopedics’ credit, he thought a surgery to re-stitch it was unnecessary. I am sure that with Eve’s Herbs and a new workout program, which definitely increased my circulation to this faraway limb, credit must be given for the miraculous turnaround that I experienced just a few days before my scheduled surgery. The hole had improved by nearly 50%. My body must have reached a saturation point with the herbs and finally began to heal itself. Both doctors agreed that the improvement was good enough to call off the surgery but it was the look on their faces that leaves a telling story. When we were all in the jovial midst of my sudden good fortune my plastic surgeon turned to his assistant and stated “Well, it looks like we’re going to have to think of another way to pay the mortgage this month”. Neither doctor wanted to hear my story. I simply suggested that everyone had been trying to help me, including my friend who is a homeopathic doctor, and in my passion to heal this the herbs and new workout program played a role. They walled their eyes saying, “Well, in time, of course, you know, it has to heal.” I wanted to blast him with a reminder of his quote less than a month ago that “…I know how much you want it to heal, but no matter how long we wait, it will never heal on it’s own”. My warmest regards and thanks to Dr. Campanelli!! Back To Top